How the oil cleansing methods works

Samantha Dickey

Oil cleansing seems like an oxymoron, but it actually does cleanse the skin.

Oils are lipid non-polar compounds.  Oils are attracted to oils, so it takes one oil to dissolve another.

Easily put, oil and water don't mix but oil and oil DO mix.  

Our bodies make oils and supplies them to our skin so that our barrier can be well maintained and flexible to be able to perform its function as an effective shield.

Sometimes our skin produces too much oil, which can act like a 'glue' and combine with micro flakes of skin during our natural 'shedding' process.

Cosmetics & moisturizers can also linger on the skin and provide another source of unwanted stickiness.

Properly formulated, an oil rich cleanser can control excess oil and render it powerless to clog up pores.

Oil cleansing can gently eliminate excess grime without drying out skin.

Dirty Beauty STRIP cleanser combines the effectiveness of oil cleansing with the ease of a fluffy foaming cleanser.

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