Elegant summertime budget-friendly cocktail party

Samantha Dickey

Lush vitamin-C-rich fruit can take center stage at a cocktail party.  

And using seasonal fruit makes it budget-friendly.  And if you get it from your local Farmer's Market, it's most likely super fresh and picked at the peak point of sweetness.

The nice and not-so-naughty menu delights with summer fruits loaded with lots of vitamin C to keep skin glowing while the good times roll...

Cheesecake and berries (the 'shot' glasses and mini spoons are from a Dollar Store, quantity 25 for $1.00 and the platter is from a Dollar Store too).  We filled and chilled shot glasses (the plastic ones from a Dollar Store, quantity 25 for $1) with no-bake cheesecake (the just-add-cold-milk and MIX), blueberries, and strawberries.

Dark chocolate 'mousse'.  Dark chocolate pudding blended with whipped topping makes a yummy airy pudding that's kinda like mousse.  So delish with kiwi, pineapple, and mini chocolate chips.

Chilled sparkling fruit juices (these flutes are from a Dollar Store @ $0.50 each, making it less 'breakable' if little ones are around).  Chilled sparkling juices in champagne glasses, root beer, and spring water round out the drinks.

We love to get fresh flowers from our Farmer's Market, or even green leaf stems from our backyard or organic herbs and wild flowers from our family's organic farm.  We purchased the roses from our local grocery store on the day of the cocktail part where the clearance flowers are sold and freshened them up a bit.

We also served a seasonal vegetable platter with dip, and our local deli made up mini croissant sandwiches and a spinach dip bread bowl too.

For more information on how vitamin C rich foods makes skin stay beautiful longer, check out the article on Dirty Beauty's 12 plant-based skincare secrets.

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