How to use REVEAL soap-free face cleanser

Samantha Dickey

How to wash your face with REVEAL soap-free cleanser

REVEAL is a pure natural face cleanser made with organic whole grains, flower buds, and real fruit

And it comes in powder form so it stays real fresh.

It's easy to use and gentle enough to use everyday!

  • Before using, wash your hands real good and make sure your hair is out of the way
  • Next just pour a little REVEAL into the palm of your hand
  • Now mix a little water in and blend it together until it's creamy and milky

Here's the fun part!

  • Gently apply the skin buffing mixture with your finger tips to your face and neck
  • The gentle oats and papaya bits are whisking away dull skin and revealing your fresh glowing complexion!
  • Leave it on for about 10 seconds for even more magic, it brightens!

Lavender flowers are caressing and calming your face now too

  • Rinse really well splashing cool water on your face about 5 or 6 times, you're radiant!
  • Apply a feather light nourishing moisturizer at night and sunscreen for daytime and you're all ready set go!

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