How to turn your exercise routine into a DIY spa facial

Samantha Dickey

One of the secrets to keeping your skin clear is to keep the pores on your face clog free.  Exercise causes sweat to flow from our pores and opens them up. 

Here’s an exercise + beauty regimen that's a body workout/spa facial combo.

  1. Take off your makeup and cleanse your skin

Exercising and sweating go hand in hand.  Makeup and grime on your face from the day mixed with salty sweat could pack your pores with unwanted debris.  Let your skin breathe and let your workout-sweat have a place to go by removing makeup and grime before exercising.  Makeup and grime from the day can trap sweat, dead skin, and extra oils in your skin and could result in breakouts.  If you’re working out in the morning, your gentle morning cleanser works well for this first step.

  1. Gently exfoliate

Buff off dead surface skin so your skin can breathe and so that dry flakes don’t mix with the natural oils in your pores and form breakouts.  Use a gentle polish and/or a delicate brush made specifically for faces.

If you’re exercising outside, protect your skin from the sun with clothing and non comedogenic sunscreen.  Wearing sunglasses can minimize squinting and fine lines around the eyes and mouth.  After exercising you can gently press a clean wet warm wash cloth on your cheeks, chin, and forehead to gently remove trace amounts of oil accumulated from your workout.

  1. Work out and sweat

Eating clean, drinking water, exercising, and sweating is like deep cleansing detox.  Working out and sweating opens up your pores kind of like a facial steam does.  Be careful not to touch your face during this time because the pores are open.  Bacteria can transfer to your hands from gym equipment, locker rooms, and more and get on your face if you touch it.  Avoid rubbing skin with used sweat-laden towels.  Gently pat your skin with a fresh clean washcloth when needed.

  1. Rinse really well

Use water to wash away the trace amounts of salt on your skin leftover from sweating (this can be done in the shower too).  Salt is purifying and this kind is totally watered down.  Make sure your hands are super clean before you begin splashing.

  1. Slather on a face mask

This is the extra step that turns your workout into a facial : ) apply a face mask to take advantage of increased circulation and oxygen intake and your clean open pores. 

Your workout and sweating gently opens your pores like a spa facial steam.  Now is the perfect time to treat your face to a purifying mask.

Smooth on 1 Tablespoon or so of plain yogurt to cool and balance your complexion.  Leave it on for about 5 minutes.  If your skin is being a little extra oily, a gentle clay mask can further draw out impurities.  If dryness is your challenge, a gentle relaxing hydrating mask can be applied now too.  If you have access to a fridge, pre-slice some cucumbers and place them over your closed eyelids while you mask and bask.  Totally refreshing!

  1. Rinse well, again

Make sure your hands are super clean before you begin splashing.

  1. Lock in moisture

Use a very light non pore clogging face moisturizer to trap in the moisture from the rinsing in step 6 to keep skin plump.  Gently press in a small amount while your skin is still damp and glowing.

  1. Nourish from the inside

Drink water to replenish and moisturize your skin from within and feed your skin’s understructure by eating some fresh raw vitamin C rich fruit or drink a deep green smoothie

Working out can be a part of your skin beauty facial.  Exercising can help relax body and mind -- and faces too – promoting smooth clear skin.

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