What's the secret to how Clay face masks work?

Samantha Dickey

Face masks that incorporate absorbent clays in their formulas use its natural characteristics to help get skin squeaky clean.

Bentonite clay is a type of absorbent clay (it’s actually volcanic ash) that’s used on the face to help purify skin.

The secret lies in clays (which are superfine soils and rocks) ‘shrink / swell' capacity. 

Shrink / swell means that clays expand when wet, and they contract as they dry.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You apply wet clay face mask to your skin
  2. The clay becomes drier on your skin (it loses moisture)
  3. The clay begins contracting
  4. As the clay contracts, it exerts a gentle ‘pulling action’ on your skin
  5. The ‘pulling action’ draws out excess oils from your skin's surface
  6. You rinse your skin well (before the mask gets TOTALLY dry)
  7. Your skin is refreshed

You don’t want to allow the mask to become completely dry and flaky on your skin, or it may kind of itch a little.

Dirty Beauty’s clay face mask is called DIRTY (of course), and it gently exfoliates too. 

The secret of face clays


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