Erase the look of fine lines with just 1 bottle

Samantha Dickey

SHEER is a bottle-a-magic that erases the look of fine lines on your face.  And it's easy to use and you'll see results after using just 1 bottle.

  1. Cleanse your skin with STRIP 1 step face cleanser to remove makeup, excess oil, and grime.  
  2. Use REVEAL pore refining face exfoliant for thorough and gentle buffing.  Rinse well.  Allow water droplets to remain on your skin.  (this can be done once a day or once every other day)
  3. Dispense 1 pump of SHEER into your still wet hands and gently pressed into your skin like you're feeding it.

The secret is to cleanse your skin thoroughly and gently without drying it out.  And locking in moisture so your skin looks plump and smooth.  The natural chemistry of SHEER gives your skin a smooth radiant glow.

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