Corn on the Cob for good looks

Samantha Dickey

Corn on the Cob for good looks

I know summer is seeing cooler days but corn on the cob is still a fave fast food. 

Just a little cleaning and a little cooking and it’s ready to eat.  It even comes with its own ‘handles’ (the ‘cob’ lol)

We made some corn on the cob last Labor Day weekend and it was DELICIOUS!  We are always looking for ways to amp up our vitamin C game so we paired our lovely corn with fresh chopped green bell pepper that we scored from the Farmer’s Market (so it was fresh fragrant and crisp).  We seasoned it further with a little pink salt , coarse black pepper, and a touch of butter.

 For the gourmet in us, we had “Corn 2 Ways”.  hahaha

Our other topping was butter and a little Smoked Salt.  The smoked salt gave our corn a grilled BBQ kind of flavor.

Here’s how we did it:

  • We removed the outer husk and silks from our corn (my mother taught me to always remove all silk from corn before rinsing it)
  • We then boiled water in a pot large enough to cover corn completely
  • Next we added the corn to the boiling water (carefully) and cooked for 6 minutes
  • Slowly, we drained the water off of the corn
  • Here’s the fun part, we added our toppings

Then.  We.  Ate.  It.  All.  It was SO good.  I see visions of Corn On the Cob Parties and Corn on the Cob Night.  With fresh crisp corn surrounded by loads of savory taco-like toppings.

1 ear of corn has 10% vitamin C and 4% vitamin A.

1 bell pepper has 250% vitamin C and 70% vitamin A.  WOW.  I know right?  Since vitamin C is involved in making skin firming collagen, this dish has good looks all over it.

Corn on the Cob for good looks

Peppers and vitamin C

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