12 beauty benefits of REVEAL soap-free cleanser

Samantha Dickey

Here are 12 pore-unclogging benefits of REVEAL cleanser:
  1. It's soap free so it cleans your skin without drying it out because there are no harsh detergents
  2. It feels good on your skin by 'caressing' it with a thin milky layer while it cleanses
  3. REVEAL dislodges dull skin + debris and and whisks it away when you rinse it off so it minimizes the amount of pore blocking material on your skin
  4. It's good for people with skin that's prone to certain types of acne because it's non comedogenic
  5. REVEAL makes you and your skin feel relaxed
  6. REVEAL is made from real hand picked lavender so it smells amazing when you're washing your face
  7. REVEAL absorbs excess oil to keep your skin looking fresher and brighter instantly
  8. REVEAL can be used during your weekly DIY spa treatments for cleansing + exfoliating + as a mask
  9. When you mix REVEAL with about twice the amount of plain yogurt and spread it on as a mask for 5 minutes, your skin gets even more gentle exfoliation and pore cleansing power while balancing your skin's acid layer
  10. REVEAL is super easy to travel with because it's not a liquid so it stays clean instead of making a gooey mess if it's spilled
  11. REVEAL has no harsh synthetic preservatives so it helps cut down on your personal environmental toxic load
  12. REVEAL lasts a long time, up to 3 months or more from an eight ounce bottle so it's less than $0.40 per day to use per person
    Dirty Beauty REVEAL exfoliant and cleanser
    Dirty Beauty REVEAL travel size

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