4 ways water makes your skin look better

Samantha Dickey

Here’s how water is your skin’s BFF

  1. Water is the only moisturizer (although it comes in various forms). Skin that is properly hydrated looks more smooth and clear.
  1. The human body is made up of water and millions of cells. And cells are constantly undergoing processes to keep skin structure firm, hydrated, renewed, and functioning as a barrier.  Water is crucial for cellular processes.
  1. Water properly transports waste out of our body to keep toxins from dulling our complexions.
  1. Nutrients are either water or lipid (oil) soluble. Skin loving vitamin C is water-soluble, and so are other antioxidants, vitamin B, vitamin P and many other extracts.  These nutrients are necessary to keep skin looking smooth and clear by quenching free radicals (which can form fine lines and wrinkles), by minimizing inflammation (that occurs with acne), by helping wounds heal, and by keeping skin structure firm and strong via collagen synthesis.  These nutrients require water to function properly.

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