STRIP pre-cleanser // why & how to use

Samantha Dickey

STRIP is essential in your daily face care routine because:

in order for skin to be thoroughly cleansed and allowed to breathe, oil soluble grime and make up must be removed so your exfoliant & cleanser actually make skin surface contact

STRIP dissolves away oily grime and makeup

  • STRIP is massaged in skin and water is added to activate foaming cleansers
  • STRIP is rinsed and skin is gently wiped clean
  • STRIP dissolves oil, grime, and makeup
  • STRIP deep cleans by combining itself with oily grime so skin is wiped clean
  • STRIP removes oil and water based makeup
  • STRIP does not clog pores
  • Massage STRIP into skin for a relaxing cleansing facial
  • STRIP improves look + feel of skin instantly


  1. shake STRIP well to thoroughly combine the cleansing oils and foaming agents
  2. add a dime size amount to your clean hands {or use a facial brush}
  3. massage into your face & neck and avoid your eye area + you can leave it on for up to 1 minute for deep cleansing //
  4. next, add a little water onto your face and STRIP foams up for more deep cleaning //
  5. massage foaming cleaning agents deep into skin
  6. rinse face well, avoiding eye area //
  7. use a clean warm wet white face cloth and press into skin and genlty wipe away STRIP from your face along with unwanted grime and makeup

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